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Teen Patti Variations - 35 Popular Variations You Must Try

In Odd Sequence, all rules are the same as traditional Teen Patti. The only difference is how you form a sequence. When you form a sequence in traditional Teen Patti you use consecutive cards, such as J-Q-K. But in Odd Sequence you need alternate cards to form a sequence, such as 9-J-K. 28. AK47. In this variant, the Ace, King, 4, and 7 are joker cards.

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'4x Boot' Variation. Bigger Pot values, Bigger wins, More Fun!! 4x Boot is played like classic Teen Patti game, but the starting boot value will be 4 times the normal boot value. All other rules in this variation remains the same. This variation can increase the value of pot very quickly.

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This is one of the Teen Patti variations closest to poker, thanks to the possibility to discard cards. Once players have received their three cards, a set number of cards are shown face up. Players can choose to discard one of their own in exchange for a revealed card. Best of Four. This is what you could call a “boosted” variation of Teen Patti.

10 Different Variations of Teen Patti

The following variations are easy to play, as long as you know the basic teen patti rules. Assuming you do, you will see that these variants will be profitable. With no further ado, let’s take a look at them. Mufliss. This is the variant that is the closest to the standard teen patti game in terms of rules, but there’s a significant difference in the ranking of the hands. In fact, the ranking is reversed.

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Joker Hunt. His variation starts by distributing three cards to all of the players. After that, someone opens cards that... Banko. Banko is a popular variation of Teen Patti. Every one of the players plays on their own. When it is a player’s... Auction. The game starts by giving every player three ...

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Teen Patti Variations The game of teen patti has an ever-growing library of variations that make the game more interesting and entertaining. Once anyone gets the hang of the game, then they can contribute by coming up with some innovative variations of their own.

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Well it doesn’t have to end there, you can now continue to enjoy teen patti games all year around by playing them online. And you can do so right here on Gamentio by playing Teen Patti and it's variations. I hope this blog will help you win online 3 patti games. We have more tips for you to master Teen Patti Card Game.

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Teen Patti Variations Mufliss. Also known as Lowball, Mufliss works just like regular Teen Patti. The only difference here is that the ranking... AK47. The name of this Teen Patti variant is derived from the famous AK47 rifle. Here, the A, K, 4 and 7 cards of all... 999. In this variation, players ...