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The coach will toss the ball up at the net to one line of players. The first player in line will do a proper approach and complete a hit, hitting the ball to one of the targets. Then the coach will toss a ball to the other line. The first player in the second line will approach the net and hit the ball over the net to one of the targets.

V'Target Volleyball Hitting and Serving Target

The V’Target is a large bulls-eye target for volleyball hitting and serving drills. V-Target is perfect to challenge players to hit and serve to targets instead of random hits and serves. Perfect target for hitting and serving drills; Weighted Stand; Made with durable padding and heavy duty vinyl. Size: 24″x24″x18″

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Hitting in volleyball is the act of offensively attacking the ball to make it difficult or impossible for your opponent to play the ball. You are trying to end the rally by killing the ball on their side of the court. What are some great volleyball hitting drills? 1. Hitting Drills For The Back Row. 2. Advanced Hitting Drills. 3.

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– Work with your player on defense by hitting from the claw to your player. The Edge target stand gives them a target to pass to and they love it when they make it in. Setters are not left out, help them set by tossing to your player and use the target stand in the locations the hitters would be. Every player should know how to set.

Volleyball Hitting: Bucket Ball - VolleyballXpert

Serves gives an easy serve over the net to the passer in middle back. 2. Setter transitions to the net. 3. Passer passes ball to setter who sets to either the right or left hitter. 4. Setter alternates hitter each time ball is served. 5. Hitter approaches aggressively and attempts to roll shot the ball into the ball cart "BUCKET".

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Volleyball Target Challenger is designed to increase passing and setting accuracy for players during voleyball drills.

Hitting Drill: Turn-Go-Hit - VolleyballXpert

Instructions. Player starts on right sideline and shuffles twice toward the center of the court. Player turns and sprints toward opposite sideline (left sideline). Player dives and touches ball. Player gets up and gets into hitting position. Tosser tosses ball. Player approaches and attacks. Blocker attempts to block.

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The set must go to the left side attacker. If the attack is successful, the attacking team gets the ball again and a point. If the attack leads to a block or a kill by the opposite team, no points are awarded but the opposite team gets the ball and chance to score with a left sided attack.