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0 Step: James Harden Step Back Travel Explained - YouTube

Need the gather step or zero step explained and how it applies to the NBA, FIBA, and the James Harden step back "travel" that people are talking about?This v...

NBA Players Using Gather Step (0 Step) - YouTube

This Video shows some examples of NBA Players using the Gather Step or 0 Step in their lay-up. This give the advantage of almost 1 extra step without being c...

Basketball - 3Step Sports

Zero Gravity is the largest grassroots basketball event operator on the East Coast. They operate more than 300 events a year across 23 states, with a focus on catering to the everyday player. They are one of the 15 members of the Jr. NBA Flagship Network and operate the highly regarded Adidas Jr. Gauntlet circuit.

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ZG Major. A ZG Major event is a more competitive event than other Zero Gravity events during the season. These events allow competition between the best teams who travel regionally to compete. There is extended playoff format allowing for more games to be played on the road to the championship. ZG Majors also hold more weight in rankings ...

NBA Ref Explains Why The James Harden Step Back Isn't ...

The James Harden Step Back doesn't always get called a travel by NBA referees. Zach Zarba, a 15-year NBA referee, is here to weigh in on whether or not the m...

NBA passes new traveling rules to define ‘gather step’

The concept of “the gather” has become a frequent point of discussion in NBA circles, mostly because of Houston’s James Harden and how his step-back jumper existed in an undefined grey area of the rule book. Even LeBron tried to add the Harden step-back with the extra long gather to his repertoire last year.

Explanation of why "3 steps" is actually legal. : nba

Conclusion: This occurrence is more commonly referred to as taking "two-and-a-half steps", where the half step is the "gather step". This half step is what makes the majority of euro-steps look so effortless and sexy. As for whether this is considered legal in NCAA/International basketball, I have no idea. But it is NOT considered a travel in the NBA.

Step-Back Jumper: The Origin Story Of The NBA's Most Deadly Move

Step-Back Jumper: The Origin Story Of The NBA’s Most Deadly Move. James Harden and Luka Doncic have perfected the art of the step-back jumper, making defenses across the league look helpless ...

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